jeudi 14 avril 2011

about Carouschka...

i discovered few days ago, here, this incredible swedish girl from Stockholm. Carouschka Streijffert is an interior architect and designer, a painter, a rugs and objects editor... I felt in love with her work. So different, so eccentric, and her house and atelier are the place i dream about for ages...

some of her rugs

8 commentaires:

  1. .... and TV-personality, set designer, writer....she is indeed talented. More from her summer cottage here:


  2. BTW, notice her bathroom has no door? At parties, when guest need to go..... well, things get a bit awkward.... if you get my drift ;-)

  3. what a personal style! bathroom without a door! I like - different and somehow unque

  4. Great rugs! Totally unique and with a distinctive sense of humor! Have a great Friday Cez! xoxo, Eleni