mercredi 17 août 2011

wednesday crush

i had a crush for those amazing atmospheres... just simple, coz simple is beautiful, isn't it?
j'ai eu un coup de coeur pour ces belles atmosphères..juste simple, parce que simple est beau, n'est ce pas?

Ikea have had some Beckmans students (Beckmans is a design school in Stockholm),to sketch eight new fabrics and patterns

have a wonderful day guys!!!!

9 commentaires:

  1. cómo va el desembarco????
    mart a.
    (beautiful pictures)

  2. Je comprends ton coup de coeur... et je le partage.

  3. Are you settle? Nice hot days you've chossen!
    Hope you are enjoying the new place!!

  4. jolie photos, j'adore la marelle sur le parquet! xoxo

  5. hey Cez - long time!
    lovely posts since last
    this one: great selection.
    I love the post about drawers, too.
    The house Doctor one is on my wish list, too.
    Maybe I'll try to make one in stead - the real thing is too expencive, I think.:)

    Hope your summer was good.
    I realize your blog is not in my roll yet - I'll fix that right now :)

    last chance to enter my giveaway today, btw. :)

    best wishes
    Open house blog, Norway