jeudi 4 novembre 2010

Modern and cozy Norwegian mountain cabin

emmas said: "This is one of the best decorated ski cabins (or "hytte" as they say in Norway) I have ever seen. The owners really brought nature in and used the traditional "ski lodge accessories" like antlers, wood staples, sheepskin throws etc in a more stylish way by combining them with tougher industrial elements like concrete, metal shelving and lights, and reclaimed weathered wood. The walls and floors are in many different materials and colors, but they are all held together nicely by keeping the color range to white, grey and black with some natural unpainted wood added to the mix."

Perso on adore....Le design scandinave est à surveiller de prés!!!!!
A voir ce site skonahem....surtout si vous parlez Norvégien, sinon....Regarder les images !!!!

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