dimanche 5 décembre 2010

Christmas Wish List

it's time to make my list....perhaps already in late!!!!

1. Old American flag ( If you know where I can buy one, please leave a message!!!)
2. Stash bag ... i will die for!!!! : stash studio
3. Military leather coat : Allsaints Spitafield
4. Camer Olympus Pen: Olympus
5. Low-boots trapper style : Minelli
6. Colt pendant: Thomas Sabo
7. Cashmere Zadig et Voltaire
8. Dixie Leather Driving Gloves : Allsaints Spitafield
9. Pocket bag: Zadig et Voltaire
10. Charlie Skull Hat Zadig et Voltaire

Please Santa ... Try to bring me some!!!!!

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