dimanche 5 décembre 2010

Timeless Story Special Edition

Spazio Pontaccio chooses Lorenzo Petrantoni’s talent to present the "TIMELESS STORY" for Christmas 2010. The protagonists of this story is a spectacular installation within the via Pontaccio showroom and a special limited edition in which the ability of Petrantoni to make absolutely contemporary writings, graphics and drawings of two centuries ago, is expressed to the maximum power. The encounter between the Pellini Family from Spazio Pontaccio and Lorenzo Petrantoni has been giving life to a special installation in the showroom from November 18th, where time is the main theme. A time with no boundaries, no beginning or ending, an indefinite and infinite time, stopped for a moment by the unique Petrantoni style. And not only.(...)

WTF... If you are able to see what time is it without having a headache... please leave us a message !!!!

Si vous arrivez à y lire l'heure sans vous provoquer une migraine...vous pouvez me laisser un message !!!!!

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