mercredi 19 janvier 2011

Pinterest time and Etsy finds

just a dream i had when i saw this so romantic cabin in the middle of nowhere in Pinterest today...

a little tour on my friend Si of Frenchbydesign etsy shop to remind you the beautiful treasures she found...

a new find in etsy on Grace Gallery with those amazing paintings... need summer back!!!!

and the innovative find of the day is.... Recycledartco who create funny eco-friendly art from salvaged materials for over 10 years. Thumb up!!!!!

6 commentaires:

  1. The tiny cabin was shown on TV not too long ago here, the owner created it with very tight budget~ so lovely+dreamy!!


  2. tight budget but great result!!!!

  3. Aww... merci copine, t'es un vrai coeur! Mouah! Si

  4. Fairytale forest cabin, sweet hiding place :)

  5. I have written about Sandy's fairy tale house too. Incredible place. ;-)

    Cool Etsy finds! :-)

    I follow French By Design blog, but I didn't know the Etsy shop...