mardi 1 février 2011

tuesday dream: colorful house in Bali

today is my colorful day!!!! Perhaps coz i need spring time... i had a crush on this amazing house in pink and green shades..hummm ... want to be there!!! Don't you like those gorgeous baskets on picture 4?

via: LivingAgency...again and again!!!!!

7 commentaires:

  1. Last year I was in Bali and I fall in love Indonesia, is a amazing country.

  2. Wish I could go there! Lovely pics in great colours..makes me happy! Fantastic bathroom with stones underneath the beautiful sink...Have a great day!

  3. Really cool design with all the oriental, rich colours contrasted with grey-brown wood... I love this relexed atmosphere in there, this is my favourite style :D
    Great post!

  4. Great finds! I actually liked the pink a lot, which I normally doesn't...But I long for a vacation now...



  5. @yolanda: it was one of the must amazing trip i did!!!!!
    @bohemiangirl: glad to make you happy like i am!!!!
    @design traveller: me too...with the scandinavian one...
    @Ingrid: are allowed to love pink!!!! don't be's such a great color!!!

  6. Oh my godness - these pictures are fantastic.
    And all these beautiful boxes - WANT them!