jeudi 10 mars 2011

chests...i love you!!!!

don't ask me why...i don't know... i always had something with chest of drawers....colorful, natural, vintage, whatever... the chest is, for me, one of the master piece  in a room!!!! This is some of my fav...

and more....more....and more!!!!

11 commentaires:

  1. Me too- me too!
    It's a functional art!
    the colorful stripes piece is my fave, Cez!

  2. Love the one with wheels...great hugs from me!

  3. la pouf du jour craque pour la...rose ,bien évidemment!bonne soirée!

  4. J'adore la commode comme meuble, mais bizarrement j'en ai eu très peu dans ma vie..! Dans ta sélection, je craque pour toutes celles aux tiroirs dépareillés de différentes couleurs!!

  5. hi
    lovely blog
    husg from Chile

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  6. Such a cool selection! Great post!

    The thing you know went chit...I was delayed and told him in advance because I first took a drink with a girlfriend of mine...he went ballistic...enuff men...I am going lesbian soon...wanna marry me, hun?

    Huggies and kisses from a frustrated Ingrid :) Kiss Hugo from me!

  7. Nice blog, thanks for sharing.

  8. lovely chests, I like having different drawers

  9. The white, the pink....i love all of them.
    niece weekend

  10. The one with industrial wheels is my fav!