jeudi 17 mars 2011

spring blue

today i am in the mood to show you the new blue tendency for spring .... all around the world it's time to colorize your life !!!! we can find all the following items in Ikea (the blue wave), Bensimon-Home all around the world, Merci (Paris)...and so on.... Enjoy!!!!!

via: Merci

Atmos 566 for Jaeger Lecoultre -via: Deco therapy

7 commentaires:

  1. love blue - the color of the sea...

  2. Oh, I'm impressed, I love blue and that beautiful pictures!!!
    Today is also a day in blue in my blog... have a look, you'll love it, Cez.

  3. tks is nice, isn't it...just the perfect way to start spring time!!!

  4. This blue color is amazing!!
    Love the livingroom in 3rd 4th pictures.
    Wish i´ll be chillin there now :)