vendredi 4 mars 2011

TGIF: rabbits everywhere

today i found those gorgeous decorations coz spring is on its way, Easter also....and rabbits will be everywhere in our gardens!!!! No... i didn't smoke weeds.... It's fashion, design and fun for starting the weekend!!!!! Hope you're  having or had a great friday....Be ready for a funny weekend folks!!!!!! yyyyyaaaaaaa......

                                                                      la belle baleine
                                                               Julieann Worrall Hood


woho again

4 commentaires:

  1. aaah. i just love these!
    the one with the cross is quite something!
    i also found the mobile, and i just love that one, too.

    have a nice weekend, Cez!

  2. So sweet! The mobile I would like to have :)Great post, my luv!

    Have a fantastic weekend, u2!

    Hugssss, Ingrid :)