mardi 15 mars 2011

tuesday like: crazy cool flat in Portland

i loooove this apartment, designed by Wary Meyers... love the bricks on wall, the amazing crystal chandelier, the mix of 70s wallpapers and buddha head, the vintage furniture, the orange collection of enameled pans and the messy wardrobe....just bobo-chic !!!!

7 commentaires:

  1. Jolie maison,dressing au top avec la moumoute par terre!
    bonne soirée biz So

  2. oh the brickwall is great, and the bedroom...such a beautiful and creative home. lovely! Have a lovely and cuddly night - it´s time for me to go to bed ;o)

  3. Moi je prendrais bien la table et les chaises Tulip, merci.. :)

  4. This home is my kind of place. Love that dining room!!

  5. Cool post, I love the brick walls!

    Huggies and a lot of love to you and Hugo

    from me :)