dimanche 6 mars 2011

weekend spirit: Italian inspiration

we send you some sun from here... thanks god it was a sunny weekend... so we made a small trip in Italy... Ciao bello i bella!!!!

Hope you had a sunny sunday as we had....
Have a great week guys!!!!!

7 commentaires:

  1. Oh! I wish I was there....miss the sun and the warm weather so much. Really fantastic pictures and i love the little Fiat....Looks like you have had a great time. Lots of hugs from cold Norway

  2. mamma mia la dolce vita le temps d'un dimanche !!!! belle semaine biz !

  3. une escapade en Italie, quelle chance!!! des très jolies photos, ça donne vraiment envie!!

  4. Ummm great! Wish I was there with you! Kinda mean to show us frozen norwegians the pics...but I forgive U!!!

    Hugsss to u and Hugo!

  5. Sis, the letters are not easy to read...sigh

  6. Ohhhhh what a lovely and sunny pictures.