jeudi 21 avril 2011

recycled and natural materials

This old fisherman's house from the 19th century is located in France, Loire. It was renovated by Fréderic, interior architect, using old recycled materials, like wood, stones, metal. I looooove the central pillar like a central blackboard in the kitchen...

7 commentaires:

  1. Wow this home is just awesome! I love that wall from stones. And the kitchen- just perfect with the black cupboards.. Great find!

  2. oh wow, this is so great! the stonewalls, love them! exactly my taste...but I´m shure you know this already ;o)
    Sending you a hug!

  3. thanks guys...glad you loved it...we have the same taste, haven't we?

  4. Thank you! i love this kitchen and the navy bathroom. Kisses!!!

  5. I love bathroom's corner, the shower is interesting

    ;) Fede

  6. Love it !!!

    Love all the materials, stone, bricks, wood...what a good combination!!

    Thank you for all the lovely comments in my blog, you are the best!!

    Have a great Easter weekend!