mardi 5 avril 2011

stool addicted

today i want to share with you my stupid, i know, addiction for stools....but old, vintage or handmade stools!!!! and what about you?

vintage find via google

have a seat guys!!!!!

9 commentaires:

  1. The wood&wool stool is my fav, but the next one have an hairstyle quite similar as yours ;)super cool!

  2. j'adore toute la sélection est géniale!! le dernier modèle version skate revisité est parfait pour une chambre enfant-ado, je suis sûre que mes filles adoreraient!!

  3. So inspiring! I love the ones from Edwards Moore and Plumo. Have a lovely evening! Hugs B

  4. 2nd, 4th and 7th are my favourite ones!!
    All different but equally beautiful in style!!

    Thanks for sharing ;-)

  5. agree!!! i love all of them for different reasons and use...xoxo girls!!!!

  6. Love that yellow pair with tulips! I can imagine that in all my clients' home for spring...Beautiful collection, I'm pretty chair obsessed myself...It's all about Ebay :D


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  7. These are awesome - I especially loved the last one! :-)

  8. O god, I understand you very good, I have the same addiction :-) and your's choice in this post is really great!!!, Really great, love it and take to my desktop folder "favourite" Kisses