lundi 2 mai 2011

rusted effect

j'adoooore !!!!! this effect is such a nice way to vintage our houses....

rusted chandelier

Joel Hester (this man is just a genius!!! he transforms old rusted car hood into stunning tables)

dedale-latelier ... tolix

housedesignbuzz a swing made of a mine

nina imagine pour vous ... amazing lamps of my friend Sabrina

old petrol pump

apartmenttherapy  ... tolix again!!!!
un coeur en provence ... rusted chest of drawers

rusted fire place

Hope you're having or had a great monday dear readers!!!!!

5 commentaires:

  1. Hi,Very nice blog, Beautiful photos.Congratulations!
    I´m your new follower!It would mean a lot to me if you d follow back!xoxo

  2. Such cool pictures, love them! :-)

  3. Love vintage! Beautiful.
    grt, Helmi

  4. At sea we really dislike rust and we fight against it, it is amazing that in land we can love it so much :-)

  5. you're right!!!! it's just crazy to like rust now...but it's so nice!!!!! xxx girls!!!