mercredi 22 juin 2011

woody stuff

Because i use a lot of pieces of wood for my creations i wanted to share today some woody stuffs i love!
parce que j'utilise beaucoup de bois de récup pour mes créations, j'avais envie de partager avec vous quelques trucs en bois que j'aime!

table sculpture on mocoloco

and another woody stuff via midatlantic

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6 commentaires:

  1. hey Cez
    great selection
    thank you so much for your comments at Open house. I love hearing from you! :)

    congratulations on your shop, btw! Really exciting. and Creative/good stuff!!
    good luck with it.

    Have you heard from Ingrid/Zyprezz lately? I wonder how she is doing!!

    Best wishes
    Open house blog, Norway

  2. thanks a lot for your cute message... no news of Ingrid... i am really worried about her...i tried to call her last week but the phone number doesn't work anymore...big hugs!!!

  3. me gusta el nuevo look de tu cabecera!

    y de esta serie las que mas me inspiran son la G gigante, la estructura maravillosa de esa casa y el montón de cucharas!!

    gracias por compartirlo, siempre encuentro inspiración aquí!


  4. Just wanna wish you a beautiful day today...and yes, I was wondering too what happend with Ingrid? I really really hope she is ok?! keep us informed, if you got any news, yes?! Sending you a big hug - your nice comments always make me smile! ;o)

  5. wood - this is what I like the most ! :)
    even objects like this little sculptures - simple and small but wooden have a place in my heart !
    Now I am going to visit your shop !