mardi 6 septembre 2011

the mess...

..but i love it!!! misc pics for today!!!!
le bordel...mais j'adore!!!! mélange de photos sympas pour aujourd'hui!!!!

via...don't remember!!!! oops
in love with that...

ummm...bookhou at home!!!! love her work...have a look!!!

tineK... speechless...

Abigail i just love your birds....
 via the stylist gitte kjaer... it's the one!!!!
via shoofly on etsy...brilliant!!!! 

via what? i have no complex....

Enjoy the day friends....tomorrow some pictures of my house!!!!!

8 commentaires:

  1. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures. Love your blog as well!

  2. moi table coupée en 2, c'est juste génial!!!

  3. Well, the last picture has completely made my day! I love the first image too. Mess truly is More ;)

  4. je l'adore ce bordel !!!! bonne semaine ! des biz

  5. salut Cristine !
    Je m'excuse pour mon absence mais je manque de temps et partout il y a.......du bordel!
    Great photo mix like always;)