samedi 8 octobre 2011

strong black soft white

the café-bar-gallery "Velvet" in Zagreb via sania pell
"Velvet’s decor is filled with creativity, style and quirky details. I love the contrast in the centre of the room for example – a stack of ornate chandeliers boxed in plain, untreated wood resting on a big table, making an unexpected sculptural centrepiece"... she said !!!!
gorgeous mugs via absolutely white...

that chest is just fantastic...via Johanna vintage

in a stylish Polish home via decor8
sweet contrast in that bedroom via milk and mocha

the entry i'd love to have....via aubrey road

nice saturday to you les petits!!!!

4 commentaires:

  1. So much great inspiration..
    I see you have been traveling a lot..I try to as well...I am going to Singapore in 3 weeks...and a little trip to Saigon while I am there ..

  2. Enjoy!!! Singapore is the city where i'd like to live....I love it so much...and I used to live 2 years in Saigon....miss it so much!!!!! Have a safe trip...and enjoy it for ever!!!

  3. super le noir et blanc et en ce moment c'est mes couleurs !!!en regardant ton post sur le fil de fer j'aurai aimé voir le site de creshendoh mais le lien ne fonctionne pas
    alors si tu as le temps tu peux me l'envoyer
    bises et good WE

  4. I like the mugs, but the polish home is great!