jeudi 10 novembre 2011

dots addicted

i love dots... that's it!!!!!         J'aimes les poids...c'est tout!!!

amazing scene via ica carlsson

christmas time on bhg

dot dot dot... arefinaria

sweet dots ...daniella witte

i am in love with that seat....via Ray Azoulay of Obsolete on Venice Beach, CA.

painting from Anthropologie

dot garlands from bhldn

ceramics i heart.... via farm

thanks god here we have a long 3 days weekend!!!!

5 commentaires:

  1. Hello !
    I love dots too :

    I added new jewelry in my shop:

    Thank you for your passage!

  2. Sure you don't want an Dalmation dog now, hahaha! ;P They're more spotted right, then dots?? Anyways, I have that with stripes, I LOVE stripes...
    Have a fun Friday!

  3. Moi aussi j'aime les pois, mais pas les poids! ;o))
    Bon WE !

  4. vive les petits pois beaux comme des confettis !