vendredi 18 novembre 2011

nomad inspiration time from Aussie

today i'd love to read the last book of Sibella Court, Nomad... bringing your travels home.... so inspiring !!!!

J'aimerais bien feuilleter le dernier livre de Sibella Court, Nomad... Ramenez vos voyages à la maison.. ça m'inspire!!!!

Love that concept!!!!

Big hugs for the last straight line before the weekend ;)

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  1. SC is spectacular! I love her too. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend too. //Lisbeth

  2. Wow! That kitchen is so fantastic, and that collection of barbed wire with that bottle is gorgeous -- I want!

  3. This looks great!
    I still haven't finished her first book though...
    Congratulations on winning the Piet Hein Eek giveaway, it was a nice surprise to see your name coming out after counting the comments coming out from the number generator :)
    Can you email me your address and final decision about what wallpaper you would like to receive!

    one weekend, desiree

  4. oops i forgot to tell the one i want... i will via FB.... and thanks again!!! i am so happy!!!!

  5. J'adore ces livres,celui de New york possède toutes les adresses que j'aime,j'aime aussi le papier de ces ouvrages.

    bon weekend


  6. idem.... tu sais pas si je peux encore trouver celui de NY?

  7. She really can put anything together and make it all work - it's a talent! I have to get better with "bringing my travels home"! Have a great weekend.

  8. Thanks my dear!!! you're right!!!! ;))

  9. fantastique, j'adore tous ces mélanges d'objets! Bon week-end :) xoxo