samedi 18 février 2012

Music festival in San Remo, Italia

today we were in the mood to have a capuccino in Italia.. coz it's only half an hour to reach it from home!!! And we had the great surprise to find there a Music Festival....
I had a crush with those 3 guys in their Love Bus playing rock'n roll !!!! So fun....

ce matin on a eu envie d'aller se boire un capuccino en Italie... ce n'est qu'à une demi-heure de chez nous... Et quelle ne fut pas notre surprise de tomber sur le festival de musique de San Remo...
On a eu un coup de coeur pour ces trois gars dans leur Love Bus, qui jouaient du rock !!! Trop top...

nice indian music too in the streets...
and italian food ... en terrasse au soleil...
pates au basilic et artichauts farcis....yummmmmm

Have a nice saturday guys!!!!

6 commentaires:

  1. I wish I was there ;) It looks almost Spring... great to be in the same online magazine with you my friend !

    1. what did you speak about? what online magazine is it????

  2. Enjoy it , en español me das envidia de la buena!
    regards Val

  3. Oh you were here in my country! I have seen the Festival on tv! I hope you enjoyed the visit!

  4. Valérie { Atelier rue verte }19 février 2012 à 19:52

    Super sympa ce festival, tes photos donnent envie !! Bises