jeudi 7 février 2013

moodboard therapy

listen guys... today i wanted to tell you how exiting is to make a moodboard...
No rules for that great expression of your creativity
but some ideas i had in mind...

and enjoy making it!!!!

all pics from here and some by Cez

5 commentaires:

  1. Actually, there ARE definitions to what's a mood board (a visual tool to communicate between professionals and with clients).
    I also know bloggers lately have used the term losely to describe any kind of collages , but still ;-)

    Still - love your boards above! Clever as usual.

    1. it was just my feeling Lisbeth, not at all a definition!!!! ;)

  2. Just gorgeous funky lady- you are so clever. A different type of moodboard for each person and I love yours-perfect :-)

    1. thanks Caroline!!! so nice to meet you in Stockholm!!!!! xxx