lundi 11 mars 2013

city mood : NYC

Let me introduce you a new category on my blog named "city mood".
It will be about style and streets in the cities around the world...
Today it's all about NYC. I mixed up pics from downtownfrombehind  and some of my bricks file on Pinterest...  i just love that mix trying to imagine where people could live !!!!

 downtownfrombehind is a photographic series capturing subjects riding their bike from behind on NYC's streets. Subjects photographed are industrial designers, artists, entrepreneurs, architects, creative directors, restaurant owners, hostel owners... Just a great environmental portrait... brilliant!!!


15 commentaires:

  1. So cool ! Very nice pictures ! We love NYC too !!

  2. Gorgeous and love - did I mention I mentioned you in my blog - women...power...moods!! You are an inspiration Cez xx

    1. thank you so much Donna... you are so cute!!!
      have a nice week sweetie

  3. AMAZING Well done and very stylish ;)

  4. love this collection! can't wait for my bike come out! yayy!

  5. Love this!! Those bike shot/portraits are fantastic and I love how you've paired them up with interior pics.