samedi 2 mars 2013

project in my attic

Did i tell you that i have an attic in the top of my house? so... i have a nice one but pretty messy with a lot of stuff inside... and i always dreamed to have my bedroom under the roof and be able to see the moon and stars through a window of the brand VELUX®... i guess everybody has the same dream... so my project for this summer will be to restore that stunning place!!!! Great project, isn't it?

just also because i need to create a second bedroom in the house to feel more comfortable when Hugo is here...more space, more freedom for both of them !!!!
so i was trying to find some ideas on the internet... and i found those great pictures

i already had one when i lived in Montreal, Canada. The flat was a stunning penthouse and my bedroom was in the mezzanine... one VELUX window was up to my bed and at winter time i was able to see the snow falling down over my head... so sweet feeling when you are under your duvet...

i'd love to create a cosy whyte area with big cushions on the floor... something really special to feel in a kind of hut where i can have a rest, take a nap or either work on my projects...

perhaps creating a work place too with my desk just under the VELUX window to be able to watch the sky and find more inspiration and creativity will come up!!!! hahaha... a kid's dream i guess...

in Montreal i had also another  model of VELUX up to my desk and it was so perfect at day time to have sun over me when i worked... i used to spend hours at this place!!!!

so... a huge work is under project on my attic.. i'll let you know about the progression with pictures...
i am so excited about that...
just need to sale a lot of lamps to be able to realize it!!! hahaha !!!

Have a sweet weekend guys and keep dreaming!!!!!

7 commentaires:

  1. I love it! Great project and great dreaming ;-)

  2. Love ....we all romanticise about something...mine is to have that little Paris apartment one day xx

  3. Most people use their attic as a storage area, but for me, I think that the attic is one of the most beautiful parts of the house. You can have it as an office space or a library because it's serene and quiet up in that area. You can also turn it into a guest bedroom or a playroom for your kids. Countless things can be done to an attic, other than just keeping it as a storage area.

  4. I agree with Lakisha. There's a lot of things that your attic can serve you for, so I hope that people will stop using it as a storage space only. Attics may be scary, but only because it's used as a storage area. Actually, attics are the best place to put a bedroom because the wind is stronger there and is more peaceful.

  5. That scenario of looking out the window as the snow falls had me feeling all cozy and wanting to lie in bed and wish I could look out through a skylight. And the pictures you've shared had me thinking if I could take this on as a project too. Speaking of which, have you made any progress on your attic?