dimanche 19 mai 2013

La Maison Rose

i had a wonderful brunch today on the Cours Saleya with good reading time under the sun: Elle Décoration France. It's all about traveling and beautiful houses around the world... just what i neeeded!!! When suddenly a wonderful pink house named La Maison Rose caught my eyes...
Back home i googled it and found those inspiring pics about this restaurant - concept store in Pondicherry, India. Full of beautiful Indian items, silk, furniture and with a gorgeous backyard restaurant to have a lunch or diner....
"La Maison Rose is an old colonial house where you can find several designer shops that sell clothes, children's wear, accessories as well as indian fashion, home furnishing and antiques. While strolling around to find something special, you can have a break in the lovely garden, order real Espresso coffee, sweets or juices, or you can also have lunch and dinner in a quiet atmosphere. Our Swiss chef cooks you various dishes from around the world..."

photos credit: La Maison Rose

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    1. hay que ir a Pondicherry para verla!!!!!

    2. Dear Cez,
      It is very nice to see a picture after so many years of the Caravelle's wall.
      Me and Catherine Levy (tse-Tse and Dorette) had pinned it together the week before the opening... lovely memories. I
      have now 2 lovely homes on rent if you want to share the images, you should like the styles too ... check up holychichomes.com.

      Wishing you a lovely day!
      Agathe Gerin Lazaro

  2. What a great idea! I love it. Simple and lovely article.

  3. OH,MY GOD
    merci pour ce chouette post belle decouverte

  4. Complètement fan de cet endroit.
    Nous y sommes allés en Octobre dernier.
    c'était merveilleux.

  5. Qué nostalgia! es un lugar tan agradable...! Me encantaría estar ahí, ya mismo!