dimanche 21 novembre 2010


Rocking on the Beach Chairs

Recently, urban population is greater than rural, and that is first time in earth history. The fact might be a reason that we feel Nostalgia at the nature. Have you ever experienced to dream that you are going to the beach? Breeze, the sound of waves and the sandy beach, these make our feeling so good. Rocking on the Beach helps you imagine the one of these experiences in your home. The plastic and pipe shape is designed for the best seashore sound, which is researched around the Netherlands seaside. The shape of chair with full of pipes gives a strong impression as an electronic circuit or urban city landscape.

Pillow blanquet : This pillow blanket is about embracing the “babyboy” color by catching the cloud, dreaming about the world and feeling comfort, safe, warm and snug.

Cloud stool: Cloud Stool is inspired by the flexibility and softness of the cloudscape. It can be singular or become a group as a human being. It gives the illusion that it’s alive, by using irregularity, flexibility and subtle differences in tone of perception. Conclusively, the form interacts between objects, and people could explore with it.

Fantastiques designers basés a Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Leur travail est léger, complètement inspiré de leurs divagations spirituelles....Cohésion totale avec les éléments et un talent qu'il va falloir suivre de prés!!!!


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