jeudi 26 mai 2011

where are you...

Dear readers and blog-friends,
We are really glad to notice that we almost have 400  people that stop by our blog every day!!!!!
we just wanted to thank you guys.... and were wondering who you are and where you are living...
Please leave us a message...we'll be so happy to know you and follow your blog too!!!!
So, we prepared for you this so special post with vintage globes and map... Read you soon!!!!

Cher lecteurs et amis virtuels,
On est super contents de constater que vous êtes environ 400  à passer sur notre blog tous les jours!!!
On voulait juste vous remercier les amis... et on se demandait qui vous êtes et où vous êtes...
svp, laissez nous un petit message...on sera super heureux de vous connaître et de suivre vos blog!!!!
En tous cas...on vous a concocté un petit patchwork de globes et cartes vintages... A trés vite de vous lire!!

via: tumblr and pinterest

we heart you guys!!!!!

10 commentaires:

  1. Congratulations and greetings
    from Madrid with love!!!


  2. Bravo!
    J'adore ... tout.
    Repérée aussi depuis un moment la première mappemonde peinte en ardoise et vert ... A faire!
    Et un p'tit giveaway ici:
    Tu me diras si l'image n'a pas migré. Ca devrait être dans le thème... Promis, demain je me mets à Pinterest!

  3. I love vintage maps. Beautiful ideas.
    Kisses from Granada, Spain (you already knew...)

  4. Heya!

    I love your blog!
    I follow you from New Zealand, but come from Norway.

    Have a nice weekend!


  5. Hi Cez! I also had one map post today :)
    You notice I´m from Spain, but I´m pretty sure you unknow I´m from Asturias "paraiso natural" (turistic lema of my region) :P
    Kisses and congrats! We are more and more...

  6. thanks girls for your word!!!! but where are the others??? ;))))

  7. Hi,
    I found your blog quite recently, and so far I really like it!

    Victoria from Sweden

  8. Hi!!
    I'm Maya ( )
    I just loooove your blog!
    and loved this post.
    i'm planing maps &globes post on my blog soon- i love them!
    thanks for this wonderful blog!!
    maya from Israel.

  9. nice to ear from you Maya...but i can't reach your it the good link?