jeudi 28 juillet 2011


great surprise yesterday when i found on FLY furniture, interesting stuffs...not bad at all!!!!!!
belle surprise hier en visitant le site de FLY, d'y trouver des pièces design...pas mal du tout!!!!

hanging plastic but not so bad!!!!

is it FLY or what?

ahhhh white heads!!!!

those chairs look like....

i want the car!!!


i had the same.... few years ago!!!!

Incredibly similar to the real one, isn't it?

you are so beautiful my deer!!!!

Have a look....

3 commentaires:

  1. Love those lamps on the first photo...
    have a great evening..

  2. SOO great pics my friend! I love the white heads! So cool! Hugs

  3. joli chaise et les 2 poufs , je vous invite à découvrir une super collection des fauteuils