mercredi 28 décembre 2011

Frozen Fountain & Sissy Boy

Today it was THE design day for us.... After meeting one of my friends for lunch we went to the Sissy-boy concept store and the Frozen Fountain and Droog!! Just the heaven!!!!

Frozen Fountain first....

Love Piet Hein Eek furniture...

 and then Sissy boy, the concept store!!!!

then i found the books i wanted as Milk Decoration and one of the books of Sibella Court.... Happy!!!

Hugo and his small armonica....

Amsterdam is such a Paradise for me!!!! omg!!!!!

9 commentaires:

  1. Beau chapeau !!!! et belle balade !

  2. ooh, I want to go to there! What a fantastic shop. Looks like you're having a pretty incredible time!

  3. we will !!!!! such a fantastic place for a design addicted person!!!!

  4. Love the first image with the neon sign! brilliant! Happy New year x kat

  5. pfff I was in both stores last week and I already saw new things..must go back again ;)

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