vendredi 28 décembre 2012

green needed

i need some green in my house and in my food!!!! Don't you? 
j'ai vraiment besoin de verdure chez moi et dans mon alimentation... pas vous? 

✖o✖O les gens!!!

3 commentaires:

  1. Nice Pictures! I'm soooo bad with flowers but they always look nice in other peoples homes! Geting tired of christmas stuff here, waiting to bring some spring in to the house. Have à nice weekend......Maria

  2. i think that every living space needs some form of life besides humans and animals! plants are perfect, and smell wonderful too. i'm quite a fan of aloe vera, venus fly traps and cactus plants.

    it's difficult to put plants in my room because it's decorated green so it will be too overpowering!

  3. Oh que oui ! En plus c'est tellement joli :)