vendredi 1 août 2014

around my table

in few weeks i will sign up for my new home!!!! it's sure now.... so happy!!!
then... what about those mixed chairs i love around the table?
inspiration time about some chairs i'd love to have....

dans quelques semaines je vais signer pour mon futur local/loft !!! c'est sur!!!! heureuse je vous dis pas... alors que penser de ces chaises dépareillées autour de la table que j'adore ?
ce soir c'est inspiration à propos de quelques chaises que j'aimerais avoir....

drawing by Cez

via my Pinterest

2 commentaires:

  1. so LOVE the mixed chairs! and your drawings are just as groovy! i have had mixed chairs ;) since the beginning of time out of necessity, so was real thrilled when they became in vogue. i used to paint one or two to 'KINDA' match now and then. can't wait to see when you set it all up!!! xo

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