vendredi 7 janvier 2011

the windmaker

Blow is an analog fan designed by Luc van Hoeckel and is inspired by a cuckoo clock. By lifting the weight, the wooden fan starts blowing and continues to refresh the air without electricity. I love this wooden fan from Dutch designer Luc Van Hoeckel, who used the original Black Forest design of cuckoo clocks to create a self-propelling fan. Once the weight-toggles are dropped, the fan starts churning. Beautiful.

Rafraichisseur d'air mural par Luc van Hoeckel

via designboom

3 commentaires:

  1. Gorgeous piece! I love everything, the wood veins, the details of construction and the simple eco friendly concept. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing and bon week end, coupine! Xo, Si-

  2. Hi sweets!
    LOVE the simplicity of this! When I lived in Europe, I use to love visiting the Black Forest! To this day, we still have an old clock that I got from there...Have a fun and beautiful weekend! xo..deb