samedi 19 février 2011

the books white house

i just found this incredible penthouse in Amsterdam... just fantastic, full of books, with pure lines and peaceful spaces... On adore!!!

have an amazing saturday bros!!!!!

via: owi

10 commentaires:

  1. Just amazing!

    Cez, I have a surprise for you on my blog, come by :)))

    Lots of love, Ingrid :)

  2. Charlie and Lulu are now in the post!!

    Big grin, Ingrid :DDD

  3. are so funny Ingrid!!!!!

  4. This looks gorgeous. Love the open stairs and the pillar/beams. Have a great day! /Annika

  5. I like a precious loft that the metallic prop preserves. Certainly, you have a surprise in my blog.

  6. thanks guys for your comments and especially to Magava and Zyprezz are so fantastic !!!!!! love u girls!!!!!