vendredi 18 février 2011

TGIF: Flag you house

I always loved American Flag... So let's see how we can include it in our interiors... By the way, i'm still trying to find an antique American flag...if you have any dope...let me know here!!!!!
                                          Have a great patriotic Friday evening guys!!!!!!

                  God bless America...and us at the same time....we deserve it, don't we?

8 commentaires:

  1. Great post! I let you know it I find

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my latest post, I had no idea Hugo was your son, actually...and yes! we really should meet soon!

    Lots and lots of love from me :)

  2. hola chicos!!!


    good look!!!
    mart a.

  3. Hey, how funny, in the second your comments arrived at my blog I was in yours! Thanks a lot for your lovely comments.
    It´s time to go to bed for me now, trying to forget. Wish you a lovely and cuddly night!

  4. tks girls....have sweet dreams...tmw will be another day!!!!

  5. being a hungarian, of course i wouldn't really think about decorating wit the american flag, but i have always liked the freshness of the RWB color combination... it's just amazing!


    (a hint: maybe, you could buy a Jasper Jones... okay, i'm just kidding... :P :P)

  6. LOL.... just need to do a jigsaw before!!!!! ;o)

  7. Being an American...LOVE the old vintage look of our flag! The old ones are hard to find, even here in the states since most people hang onto them, but will keep my eyes peeled!

    LOVE this post and all the inspiring ways the flag was used! xo...deb