jeudi 17 février 2011

Etsy finds

today i would like to introduce you 3 artists found in Etsy....

1/  the houseofharriet is selling great ceramics. In this shop you'll find all kinds of ceramics that she hand-paint in her small studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She  paint with glazes and oxides and fire the pieces herself in her kiln. Just gorgeous....

2/ AliciaBock: This girl is collecting clouds... She grew up in Michigan and Florida, surrounded by water and color, and she's still greatly influenced by those two environments. just an amazing self-taught photographer, full of poesy and imagination...Talent!!!!!

3/ mrsginther is doing stunning rugs... this incredible mum (ten kids: 9 daughters + 1 son) is using her free time (just asking myself WHEN she has free time!!!!) to knit like crasy using durable recycled fabrics and wool to make those amazing rugs!!!!!!! Just have to follow her example.....

5 commentaires:

  1. Great! I love to be tipped off of new Etsy finds! Those rugs were amazing...

    Lots and lots of hugsss from me!

  2. me too..the 1rst one is gorgeous, isn't it?

  3. Looove the cloudy pictures! Have a wonderful weekend!