lundi 21 février 2011

it was our house in Switzerland...

Some of my bloggers' friends spoke about their life recently and i felt suddenly the need to tell you more about my life and who i am...
After living in Canada, Vietnam we spent one year in Geneva and i really loved this flat we had there. I did some of our furniture and i did some for sale's Here....

                                      the coffee table i did with pallet, metal and painting

the sofa i did with fabrics we brought from Vietnam

Statue and paintings from Vietnam

Table we did with old planks we found in construction site, the feet were from Ikea

some of my paintings i did in Asia...

   hope you liked it!!!!!! Let me know about your feelings on my creations.... can't wait to know!!!!!

                                                       With Love


PS: coming soon our house in Vietnam!!!!

9 commentaires:

  1. Wow!!! Thanks for sharing. You are one creative lady. That sofa table! I am taking notes ;-) //Lisbeth

  2. tks Lisbeth!!!! nice to read you!!!!!

  3. Oh !! Cez. Nice house ,love it . Mix style of East and West ;-)junko

  4. You´re definately very creative - love to see it! :-)

  5. OMG! This is totally fantastic! So eclectic and exciting mix of everything...really an artists home. You are SO creative! Thank you so much for sharing. Have a wonderful day my friend! Hugs

  6. I have been charmed with this so personal space.

  7. thanks a lot my friends for the kinds comments!!!!! i am so glad you love it!!!!! xoxo

  8. Holy crap! Soo cool and sooo you....:) But I am so impressed by your work!! You are a great talented artist!!! BEAUTIFUL!! We are so alike in that way that we love travelling and have been around in the world, loving other cultures...

    Whoa girl! I will come visit you this spring I hope, right now I am moving, but within 3,4 months?

    Have a great evening, my love, give Hugo a big hug!

    Xoxoxo - Ingrid