lundi 21 février 2011

Monday girls: homage to my virtual sisters

today this is a special post for 2 amazing bloggers-sisters i love, Ingrid of Zyprezz and Magava of Magava Interior. One is my twin sister, Ingrid, the other my little sister, Magava!!!!

Ingrid is an amazing Norwegian mum (her son , 15, is so cute!!!), and she has a so incredible blog Zyprezz, that i visit daily (many times...). You can't miss have to read it...She is so sensitive, charming and tasty, just as the sister that everyone liked to have!!!!!! She had the so nice idea to speak about Méchant Design in her blog last saturday and i want to pay tribute to her. Thanks Ingrid!!!!! Love ya...

Magava, is a spanish student in Architecture, doing at the same time a Master in Interior Architecture (wow...very impress!!!!) who has a delightful blog, Magava Interior, that i am following also daily (many times...). She is a cute and charming girl... i had a crush on her blog because of beautiful pictures and design she is showing in... Just another blog you have to follow asap guys!!!! I want to thank her especially for speaking about Méchant Design, inviting people to vote for us in the design contest i am involved, in Marie-Claire Décoration...(to be elected the best blog déco of 2011)... Muchas Gracias, Magava...te quiero tambien !!!!

9 commentaires:

  1. Ingrid really is such a lovely lady, I´m very happy that I`ve found your great and inspiring blogs! have a cuddly monday evening!

  2. tks yourrs too!!!!

  3. Ohhhh Cez! You are amazing! Thanks a million times! You are the sweetest ever! Mathias is his name, and when he saw the pics of you and Hugo, he immediately said: Oh, I want to meet them, so seem so cool! Maybe you should take Hugo with you and come to Norway or vice versa, we must figure something out! A big hug to you and Hugo and geisslein as well! I am touched and very happy now!

    Xoxoxo - Ingrid :))

  4. I am delighted with the surprise. This being a great pleasure to meet and share knowledge. I look forward your comments and the effort you make to express yourself in Spanish, I hope this is a start of a great era blogger. A hug and thanks for everything

  5. thank you for your comments
    It's so fun that you like it :-))
    many hugs from Annelie

  6. Cez, if you recommend that blogs, sure I'll take a look. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a good week,

  7. Je conais seulement Magava , mais , c'est le moment de conaitre Zyprezz
    Merci par le info!
    Très bonne semaine pour vous!!!