mardi 8 février 2011

Unexpected guest: Sabrina Labrousse

Today i want to introduce you an amazing french talented artist, Sabrina Labrousse. I discovered her, few months ago, browsing on the internet and had a crush with her incredible work and her website Nina imagine pour vous. She has an ability to never give up, always rushes headlong into the fray to reach her goal. And i like that!!!! She has an ecological approach, using vintage, old salvage materials to create her lamps. A very imaginative girl who confide me her road in a small interview...

(translate from french... be indulgent!!!)

What is your artistic path? How did you decide to create lamps?

People frequently ask me this question and i always answer the same thing: i am a strange mix between curiosity and a huge appetite of doing anything by my own. I am a resourceful girl!!!! It's just the need i have to learn new techniques. I will describe myself as self-educated/visionary girl in her thirties. I was first painter, sculptor and finally to hijack objects was the way i followed…like an obviousness. Light joined the process like a touch of subtlety…I really love challenges and unusual technics.

Tell us how you decided to create

'Nina imagine pour vous'?

Because of great people i met through my blog in 2008. They were amazed by my recycled art and encouraged me in this way… My passion became then a full time job. Nina imagine pour vous? why did i choose this name? no idea…but why not ? 

Why this name?  What does it mean to you?

Easy…'Nina' was my nickname since i was young. 'imagine for you' is coz of the importance of exchanges, shares, to be ready to listen to others…t'was the best way for me to create and to show things in the good spirit i want to deal with… The object has to speak clearly to the customer as much as it speaks to me when i create it. It's the challenge i try to take up every day...

Tell us what is the manufacturing process of one of your Lamp?

Come over to visit my studio…(smile)

Is there any limit in your creations?

Limits? what's that? Stubborn like i am, i can't be impede by small details. I always find a dodging way to achieve my goal…
It seems that my relatives describe me as a charming person but also a scatterbrained and upside-down girl…For example one day i decided to built a huge chandelier, 10 meters high, recounting the french pastry story in a chronological way with different cake pans…or i created plant-lamps allowing seeds to grow up...

One favorite between your lamps?

Not really, each model is unique and has to stay. If an object become yours, it is loosing its soul…
For 3 years now i evolved a lot with materials i use and i am following a new direction now more uncluttered and sober. I did a long and suitable job on myself … i like that the object stay an illusion…

Could you imagine where you will be in 5 or 10 years?

Carpe Diem…But in my deep own I'd like to have a will, follow my road and Fate will do its job i'm pretty sure of that!!!! Stay tuned!!!!

Who is your favorite designer? The one you'd like to be...

I do love the Jean Prouvé's furniture as well as his architecture … Eero Aarnio, a finnish designer (Ball Chair, (1963-1965)…
Arman: a multidisciplinary who use to describe objects as a person, like if they have their own value….anyway his route and his vision regarding on accumulation is a great inspiration to me!!!!
And of course…i am fascinated by Philippe Starck's route and success… I just love his lamps and his variety...

What are the 5 objects you can't live without?
1/ my cell ( when i feel down)

2/ my gloss ( wearing dungarees, but still glamourous!!)
3/ my mug of coffee ( thumb up!!!)
4/ my notebook ( never know….)
5/ My freedom of thought …(just to dream…)

Sabrina has also a blog. You can see the whole collection on her website.

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  1. Oh mon dieu, mais quelle imagination! T'as raison, c'est génial ce qu'elle fait!!!

  2. OMG! Those are great! Awesome post. What a talented and creative girl! Thanks for showing!

    Hugs & kisses, Ingrid :)

  3. @Anna: c'est beau hein?
    @Ingrid: Love her eccentric!!!!

  4. The alphabet lamps are so unique! Great, creative designs :)

  5. is one thing to be impressed by someone's craft...but being impressed by someone thinking is so inspiring. I really love this post. She is such a great artist, but I'm so inspired by her approach as well. Thanks for this...and thank you for your great comments.

  6. Thank you very much for your comments on my work ..

  7. Interesting to read and lovely creations! :-)