mercredi 23 mars 2011

a beach house in Little Palm, Australia

i really need sea, sun and more beach house life style!!!!

...and i want to wish a Happy Birthday to my Norvegian sister.... Ingrid from Zyprezz
Big hugs beautiful!!!!!! we love you!!!!!
we have to shout coz you are far honey.... ;o)))

6 commentaires:

  1. I need to see the sea too ;)
    lovely post ^_^


  2. I just loooove beach house-style! It's so light, rough and optimistic, especially for me who hates the cold winter...! Keep on showing beach-houses my dear friend! Hugs from Bente

  3. Oh sweetie!!! Thank you sooo much!! You are the best!!! So sorry that I didn't have the time to comment before...

    Great post too!!

    Hugs n kisses!!

  4. glad you loved it!!!! ;o))))

  5. your blog is totally delicious .. i dare say the best in the w-w-world (-:

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