mardi 22 mars 2011

it was our house in Vietnam

...because of sunny days, i was thinking all day long about our summer life in Saïgon (Ho Chi Minh City)... 35°C all year long, amazing breakfasts in The Mekong Mercant restaurant in our district 2, An Phu, swimming pool after work, delicious Vietnamese food, massage twice a week...just an heaven we miss so much... let's visit our house there..Enjoy!!!!!

our street
our house
one terrasse

the entrance

our grey Canadian globe trotter cat: Lulu
bad collage of the family room

in an other view

our black and white canadian cat: Charlie

the shoes you have to wear all year long

the last painting i did before leaving Vietnam

coming soon: our house in Canada

14 commentaires:

  1. Qu'est -ce que vous voulez dire...our house in Vietnam, Canadá.
    Expatriés?J'adore l'entrée .Il était faboulouse!!Et le!
    Gran bisou!

  2. now our house in....
    I would say this someday ...
    That pretty Vietnam
    How lucky!!!!
    mart a.

  3. @Olga: on a vécu à l'étranger pendant pas mal d'années...

  4. I´m great! I would love to travel more in this beautiful world...
    Now I have to go to bed - wish you a beautiful and cuddly night with lovely dreams!

  5. Really fun to see....! You have lived in so many different countries...?! Sounds great and exciting! Hugs to you from a sunny Norway(at last...)

  6. Oh, petit coup de blues? Allez, courage, il en reste plein des endroits a decouvrir. Et le sud de la France, c'est pas la cata, si? T'as pas deja les pieds dans la Mediterrannee pendant qu'on porte tous des bonnets? Allez, courage!
    Pas la grande forme pour moi ces dernieres semaines, donc un peu en veilleuse, mais je t'oublie pas ma jolie! Biz, Si-

  7. ça a plutôt l' air...comment dire? MEGASUPERHYPRASYMPA!
    et top le portrait!!bonne soirée à bientôt Cez!

  8. Looks so great, wish I could see it live! :-)

  9. Great! Lovely post!!Do you long back??

    A lot of hugs n kisses from your norwegian sis,

    Ingrid !!!

  10. Luv the bamboo chairs, Cez!
    Hope you'll visit the country again someday!


  11. What magnificent photos. Very beautifully.

  12. I only have one question: WHY would you want to leave a place like that??!! ;)
    Great painting by the way!!