mercredi 24 novembre 2010

PRETTYPRETTY heads to sit on by Dejana Kabiljo

Kabiljo Inc.'s PRETTYPRETTY collection – pretty heads to sit on – puts a smile on our face with its erotic wink and its humorous touch.
The humorous PRETTYPRETTY collection consists of hairy bar stools, poufs and chairs. As Kabiljo puts it : “Pretty heads to sit on explore the nicely regulated erotic allure that surrounds us, tracing out the customary grammar of desire. The Kabiljo Inc. products search for the innovation on the level of human behaviour. Consequently, materials are carefully researched and subdued to series of experimental processes until they fit into place. Simple things are created for our complex times, nice, iron-free and celebratory.”

Amusants, érotiques... Les chaises, poufs et tabourets par Dejana Kabiljo. Je ne pense pas que l'on puisse trouver une brosse à cheveux aussi grande....un rateau peut-être?


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