jeudi 28 février 2013

boheme crush

i had a serious crush today for this flat in Amsterdam 
boheme, recycled, pure whites, wood
that place sounds so peaceful!!!!

 love the small coffee tables and the huge cushions on floor

via Bolig

xoxo amigo

mercredi 27 février 2013

le bag de Cez

et je me suis dit... pourquoi ne pas parler de l'occupation de l'espace dans un sac de fille...c'est aussi du design, à plus petite échelle!!!! histoire de mieux vous connaitre...
délicieux bordel donc dans mon sac today... et vous? ya quoi dedans?

and i thought... why not to blog today about space occupancy in a girl's bag... it's also desgn, isn't it !!!
so... wonderful mess in my bag today... what about yours? what's inside?
just to know my followers...

Happy wednesday les gens!!!!

mardi 26 février 2013

black on noir

... on my kitchen wall... light garland bought in Stockholm...

and i found black on black pictures on VTwonen... just what i needed my black cross... everything's all right !!!!

photos by Cez

Happy tuesday les zoulous

you got a message!!!!!

such a nice restaurant and a crazy cool neon lighting !!!!
via flodeau

lundi 25 février 2013

chalkboard inspiration

i love this kind of day where you just find the perfect picture to make your daily post...
And those frames painted on the back or those chalkboard framed with reclaimed wood are just a wonderful way to express your mood in an aesthetic way ... 

aesthetic also is that working place with chalkboard drawers so easy to fold your stuff ...

and the funniest solution to create your own could be to paint in black the famous tulip chair and use it as a chalkboard... 

always trying to find special ideas for chalkboards... if you have some feel free to leave a message!!!!

Happy monday people 

dimanche 24 février 2013

around my bedroom

rainy day today so just getting back from the cinema i decided to give a new life to my bedroom...

photos by Cez 

samedi 23 février 2013

vendredi 22 février 2013

Bocci lights

in the mexican restaurant Tacofino Commisary in Vancouver there are stunning lighting installations from Omer Arbel of Bocci... Each piece of the installation is hand (or mouth) blown and is filled with live cactus plants, all banded together with a meandering copper vine. Have a look...

love the wood bench seats and table but also the
 irregular-shapped wooden number blocks on the tables

dans le restaurant Mexicain Tacofino Commissary à Vancouver il y a une installation de luminaires juste sublime crée par Bocci. Chaque installation est soufflée et remplie avec des cactus et reliées entre elles par un câble sinueux de cuivre ... 

XoxO les amis

jeudi 21 février 2013

Ron Gilad studio

in the loft-studio of Ron Gilad, israeli designer, we can find stunning creations...
Love the scenic view on Manhattan, the brick walls, the huge table with crazy cool stools and the amazing lighting all around. Great atmosphere to work !!!!

dans le loft-atelier New-yorkais de Ron Gilad, designer israëlien, on peut trouver des créations étonnantes... j'adore l'incroyable vue sur Manhattan, les murs de briques, l'immense table avec des tabourets bien fun, et des luminaires sublimes partout. Un belle atmosphère pour travailler!!!

mercredi 20 février 2013

in my studio

inspiration around my desk

photos by Cez

in my studio there is a desk corner and it's the mess... but i love this area that inspire me

dans mon atelier il y a un coin bureau, assez en désordre... mais j'aime cet endroit qui m'inspire