dimanche 30 janvier 2011

Weekend spirit: London time

Hi everybody...we are just back from the uk!!! What a nice weekend we had with so many inspirations...
First one: what did we buy there???

1.rusted street plates from Portebello Road
2. Letters from Urban Outfitters and Selfriges
3. 'The Selby's book' bought in Urban Outfitters
4. Old vinyls bought in Notting Hill
5. covering plates bought in Anthropologie
6. faulse fur hat bought on Oxford street
7. skull chain and ring hat bought in Top Shop
8. faulse fur slippers bought in River Island
9. plate bought in Camden Market
... and we found our POLAROÏD camera.....yeahhhhhhh 60 bucks only!!!! and it works!!!!!

We had so great time in Camden Lock market, with so many amazing founds and where we discovered new artists and their work...

... Portobello road and its market with antiques is our favorite place... on saturday morning it's really fun to go there and have a breakfast, bargain and take pictures....

London Street faces.... 

you can click on each picture to enlarge it!!!

.... and more photos....

Hugo had a great interview!!! So happy for him....

... Have a nice week guys!!!! Read you soon....

6 commentaires:

  1. Wow-It looks like it was a whirlwind and lots of fun!

  2. J'adore la polaroid, et la caméra fonctionne, j'adore la rue Portobello, à partir de Bruxelles, avant il était plus facile, maintenant à Barcelone...
    de belles photos!
    Très bonne semaine!

  3. Your post made me feel like going to London!

  4. Thanks guys!!!! nice to read you!!!!

  5. I love polaroid!!! I want that it come back again.
    Great post

  6. OMG! Not only is it years since I last went to London, and addition you bring home all that cool things! I envy you...lol

    Looks like you had a thrill over there, nice!

    And I have to say; you two look so damn cute together!!

    xoxo, Ingrid ;)