mardi 12 avril 2011

damier inspiration

'coz i am crazy about damier, let me show you some stuffs that inspire me in interior design and life....
it rocks, isn't it?

ashtray by India Madhavi, i love this girl's work...

bathroom of Morgans Hotel, NYC, by Andrée Putman
Baroque chest from my files...

i love my glasses by Alain Mikli

spheroïde via mycocooning
NIK building by Pucher and Bramberger via muuuz

in Buenos Aires via Garance Doré

Hope i didn't give you a headache !!!!!! 

4 commentaires:

  1. Greeeeeaaaat post!!! Love these images!!!!You have a cool taste!!!

    Hugs n kisses, Ingrid :)

  2. I love it on floors, but i just discover that over tables are awesome too!
    and this nails are craziness!!!
    Big kisssss!

  3. tu n'aurais pas un côté Andrée Putman ? biz