lundi 18 avril 2011

I need a new fridge...

So, the brand is Smeg for sure, coz it's so beautiful ....but what color!!!! i am pretty crazy with the pink one...but...pffff...can't decide!!!!!
What's your favorite color guys?

Great new week to all of you dear friends !!!!!

10 commentaires:

  1. Right this moment, I´d go for yellow or orange! :-)

  2. vu le prix...tu l'as dit!!!!!!

  3. Le modèle orange est magnifique! J'aime aussi bcp le modèle à rayures. Ça, c'est du frigo!!

  4. du frigo de compet!!!!! ;))))

  5. A very difficult decision...
    I think in mint, or baby blue,..., well, pink is lovely too..., but the yellow one is so shinny...
    arggg!!! is imposible to decide...