mercredi 28 mars 2012

David Bromley's universe

Yesterday reading the last IDEAT i found this guy...
Do you know this British-Australian artist? you should!!!! David Bromley has the most fantastic decadent family house i ever seen... it's David in Wonderland... it's a organized mess in that huge house with all his work art around, portraits, prints, construction, collections... no word!!!! and i am in love with the walls' texture...

Hier en lisant le dernier IDEAT, j'ai découvert ce gars...
Vous connaissez l'artist Australien et Britannique David Bromley? Vous devriez!!!! Il a la plus fantastique et décadente maison familiale que je n'ai jamais vu... C'est David au Pays des Merveilles!!!! Il y règne un désordre très organisé avec ses oeuvres partout dans la maison, portraits, constructions diverses, collections et impressions... ça laisse sans voix!!! et la texture des murs... j'adore

such a nice corridor....

i love the huge lampshade he painted

don't you like those portraits and the print he did on blankets?
and a huge construction site inside the house... stunning !!!

via: design file for the interview
and also eco-stylista
photographers: mark seelen and earl carter

magic day to you guys!!!!

13 commentaires:

  1. OH MY GOD!!! His house is my dream. MY DREAM! I have never seen anything more perfect. AAGH!! so beautiful.

  2. wow
    one of a kind - that's for sure
    love it

  3. great images! love the rustic lived in look of the space
    thanks for the introduction!
    x kat

  4. Mais quel univers,j'adore merci pour cette découverte.

    Belle journée


    1. j'adore ces personnalités qui dégagent autant.. c'est fascinant

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog via the bit on David Bromley, part of which appeared on Pinterest. Love, love it. Might I share on my blog?
    Your blog is a delight.
    -Chris Bentley

    1. of course you can !!!! thanks a lot!!!
      don't forget to link me if you can

  6. I'm in love with this man! I have been, several times, to his warehouse space in Daylesford Victoria, Australia. I did a little post a few years back. His shop in Melbourne was pretty fantastic too. Thanks for a great post, that I'm now about to tweet!

  7. thanks sweetie!!!!! love this guy too!!!! such an amazing artist...