lundi 9 juillet 2012

imperfect consoles

it's a moodboard to list ideas for the console i will built with the wood and drawers found on flea markets... inspiration!!!
petit recueil d'idées pour la future console que je veux faire avec le bois et les tiroirs trouvés dans les vides greniers... inspiration!!!!!

 by Jean Pelle via moloco

the 1rst one is my première est ma préférée !!!


6 commentaires:

  1. Nice list of inspirations! I am curious about the result of your console :-)

  2. Great idea, love it when things are imperfectly perfect..
    Succes with your own console :)

  3. J'adore ta selection . Impatiente de découvrir ce que tu as fait toi!

  4. Love it. After all, humanity isn't perfect right? "I'm only human" is what they say... For your inspiration visit and you will discover a new world of furniture :) Hope you enjoy it...