jeudi 30 mai 2013

a tiny house

that lovely tiny house is located in rural Oregon and became a family house of four after un inventive green makeover... recycled, re-used... etc...
I just can leave in !!!!!

cette jolie petite maison est située dans l'Orégon et est devenue une maison familiale pour 4 personnes après avoir subi une rénovation inventive et écologique... grâce au recyclage de matériaux...
J'y vivrais bien moi dans cette jolie maison!!!

love the library corner
cosy bedroom under the roof...

photo credit: Lincoln Barbour

7 commentaires:

  1. It's a lovley house! we have a similare taste, I like so much your products and i wish to write an article on my blog as soon as possible! bye bye eli

    1. Thanks a lot Eli !!!! can't wait to read it!!!! xxx

  2. Love! What a cute little bungalow. Reminds me of the little place I used to share with my husband in Portland, Oregon... Loving your site, too! Just wandered across it and finding much inspiration for our new little home here in Christchurch.

    1. so glad to read you dear!!!! thanks a lot
      Have a great weekend

  3. Hello
    I also live in a rural part of Oregon,this is great for building.
    Would you mind telling me the home specs?
    Thank you...
    cottage grove

    1. Hello there

      I don't know... perhaps you can try to find it via the link... sorry

  4. What a charming, cozy little house! I love the library, with lots of lounging room and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.