lundi 19 août 2013

pebbles inspire me

today i feel inspired by those little treasures: pebbles 
many ways to use them in the house...

1. 2. 3.4. 5. 6.7. 8
completely in love with that ring!!!!! all of his work!!!!

Have a great new week !!!!

7 commentaires:

  1. Oh I love the rocks, you are such an artist and have such a perfect eye for this sort of lovely, thanks for the cool post...Phyllis

    1. thanks sweat heart!!!!! i love so much those pebble!!!! xxx

  2. we are completely in tune! I just published on my blog a post about the stones and how to use them.. I'm doing some rings with my sea stones collected this summer!

  3. Réponses
    1. so do i!!!! so nice at home or to wear it!!!! ;)

  4. La bague est superbe ! Où peut-on la trouver ?
    Continuez ainsi, votre site est génial !!!