vendredi 17 avril 2015

My portrait at UNXPCTD store

i am so glad to see my face through the blog ZMJ during the time she did some shopping at Anouk Brands' new boutique... UNXPCTD
Thanks a lot guys for that beautiful picture styled by my friend AnoukB and shooted by Marjon Hoogervorst

tellement heureuse de voir mon portrait affiché dans le sublime magasin UNXPCTD de Anouk Brands à Haarlem, Amsterdam, via le blog de ZMJ
Merci beaucoup à mon amie AnoukB, styliste et Marjon Hoogervorst, la talentueuse photographe.

Thanks to LaMaisonPernoise, Joyeuse Clique 2, and Lau de Casalil to have created that beautiful event!!!

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